Flatbed Towing Services in Syracuse

A flatbed tow truck is the safest possible way to transport a disabled vehicle. Flatbed towing services are usually suggested when transporting a classic or special car, SUV or truck. We offer this specialized service when a regular tow truck just won’t do. Our drivers pay special attention to every detail when handling your vehicle and ensure an efficient and professional service.

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Safe Flatbed Towing with Stupke's Towing & Repair LLC

The distinguishing part of a flatbed tow truck is the trailer attached to the back of the towing vehicle. As the name implies, the trailer has a flat surface to transport your vehicle without the wheels touching the ground. Unlike traditional tow trucks, flatbed towing does not require any adjustments to the vehicle itself, you simply drive it onto the trailer.

As the vehicle is not on the ground, all engine parts do not move. This creates a safe environment for your vehicle to be transported from one location to another. We understand how important safety is to our customers and our operators take every precaution ensure the safe towing of your vehicle.

Flatbed Towing Solutions

Just as with a standard tow truck, flatbed towing works similarly in emergency situations when your vehicle is unable to be moved on its own. Here are a few examples of when to call a flatbed tow truck:

  • All-wheel drive vehicle
  • Vehicles with an automatic transmission
  • Luxury or specialty cars
  • Motorcycle or ATV

Prompt Flatbed Service Response

It is never a convenient time for your vehicle to break down. Our Syracuse towing experts are mindful of the urgency when it comes to arriving as quickly as possible. The professional team at Stupke's Towing & Repair LLC are available to you 24 hours a day, including holidays. We can provide you with a solution to any vehicle transport problem, whether it is a scheduled pick-up or an emergency situation.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

When it comes to transporting your vehicle, there is no compromise of quality and care. Knowing that our operators have got in handled will give you peace of mind in a normally stressful situation. We recognize the need for efficiency when your vehicle unexpectedly breaks down during a busy day. We make it our priority to ensure the situation is dealt with quickly and to your satisfaction, every step of the way.

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We are committed to our profession and believe that the results speak for themselves. At Stupke's Towing & Repair LLC, we understand the importance of efficiency and care when it comes to safely transporting your luxury vehicles from one location to another. Our operators are dedicated to treating your vehicle as their own and take every precaution to avoid damage to your vehicle.

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